About Us

The Cinema Greens Crew

Cinema Greens is a lifestyle brand.

Our mission is to provide botanical, natural and greens based rentals, custom designed fabrications, and quality service in order to create stunning and profound scenes and experiences. 

Cinema Greens was founded in 2013 by Bryan McBrien (Hollywood Art Director, Production Designer and Greens’ Coordinator), Jeff Brown (Greens’ Coordinator), and Carlos Martinez (Horticulturist). The three moved from LA ready to build a Greens Company; recognizing a growing need for Greens rentals on the east coast, especially Atlanta, as the regional film and television industry was booming. 

In the years since then we have expanded into a full scale rental and fabrication house serving the needs of the public, event companies, designers, museums, malls, and theme parks. 

We offer a robust rental collection, custom fabrication, event space and ship-ready goods. Don’t miss our plant markets! 

Still not exactly sure what “Greens” means?

On a film or television set every tree, bush, flower, moss, rock, and vine—both real and artificial—has been crafted deliberately for that scene. Those are all called Greens in the industry. Greenspeople are the members of the film crew who are responsible for renting, replanting, arranging, and taking care of all these plants. The coordinator makes the impossible happen with skilled craftsmanship and tricks of the trade. Most of a Greensperson’s work is done on a soundstage, creating backyards, jungles and forests on a concrete floor and varying degrees of natural light. They also augment an outdoor location's existing greenery or hide unwanted elements. Sounds fun, right? It is.

Cinema Greens is a Georgia Film Credit Applicable Company.

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