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This is a Decorative Element rental item

Cinema Greens carries a large quantity and variety of Christmas decor in stock. These items will be further inventoried for the website after the 2019 Holiday season.

Get into the Holiday spirit with our poinsettias! Great for Christmas and Winter Wonderland themed events these artificial plants add a touch of the holidays to any room. 

Available in the following varieties and lengths

  • 2'T x 1.5'W 
  • Red or White
  • In a black pot

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Rental Information & Help

POTTERY Artificial Plants come in small weighted black pots; these are meant to be placed into decorative pots or hidden. You may add Decorative Pottery directly to your quote or, if none is selected, your Consultant will help you make your selections before providing your estimate.

SELECTION Your consultant will support you in selecting the right pieces for your needs or you may hand select at our warehouse.

RENTAL PERIOD  All rental prices are valid for UP TO A ONE WEEK RENTAL PERIOD. Longer rental periods are available. 

DELIVERY, SETUP, TEARDOWN & REMOVAL Prices do not include these charges. These charges will be added to your estimate based upon dates, location, access and timing. 

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