Sponsorship Request

Sponsorship Request

Thank you for your interest! Please read the following to learn about requesting Sponsorship.

We approve a set amount of ‘media loan’ and ‘not for profit’ discount requests per year in exchange for promotion and sponsorship. We also accept barters on a case by case basis with dollar for dollar value trades. If you would like to apply please fully complete the information below and email it to sales@cinemagreens.com & we'll be in touch shortly.

Incomplete applications will not receive a response. 

What you need to know about Sponsorship

Sponsorship never includes delivery/pickup or setup/teardown. You will need to provide for those needs or charges. We do not permit pickup of our product unless you have suitable transport, ropes, tarpaulins, blankets,and helping hands to load into your vehicle. Cinema Greens is not liable for any damages or injury which occur during pickup or transport.

Customizations are not included, any customizations must be paid for in full. A credit card must be placed on file for any damages/issues. 

For Sponsorship Inquiries the requesting group must elect one contact person. Cinema Greens will work directly with this one contact person and will not respond to requests/inquiries of any other individuals.

Request Sponsorship

To request sponsorship you must send an email to sales@cinemagreens.com with the subject Sponsorship Request. The following information MUST be included. 




  • Contact Person Name: 
  • Contact Person Role:
  • Contact Person Email:
  • Contact Person Phone:
  • Company Name:
  • Website: 
  • Facebook:
  • Instagram:
  • How did you find us? 


  • Event Name:
  • Event Description & Purpose:
  • Start Date and Time:
  • End Date and Time:
  • Event Address:
  • How and where is the event being promoted?
  • Do you have funds to cover Labor & Delivery or will you be doing the transport?


What will Cinema Greens receive for providing sponsorship? Please fill in what is applicable to your event.

  • Will we be listed as an official sponsor of the event and in what capacity?
    • What in kind benefits does sponsorship come with? (VIP tickets, free booth space, etc)
  • What type of logo file do you need from us? Where will this be included?
  • Are you requesting to barter? If so what are you requesting to trade?
  • Will we be listed in promotional material? Please specify:
  • Will Cinema Greens promotional material/signage/collateral be required to place on products or hand out?
    • If so, what date will this be required?
  • Will we receive photographs of the event?
    • Detail of this, minimum expected quantity and when will we receive them?
    • Will they be high res?
    • How are we able to use the photographs? (print, online only, advertising)
  • Will we receive video content?
    • If applicable, what date will we receive video content? And how are we able to share it?
  • Will you promote us/the event on Social media?
    • How often? Minimum number of posts we’ll be tagged and mentioned in? What platforms? How many photos will you share including photos of our products? Please provide details.
  • How will we be promoted at the event? Will we be thanked in a speech? Will there be signs showing sponsorship?
  • Anything else? Please specify.


  • List out the products and services you are requesting


  • Any comments or questions?