Ritz-Carlton Reynolds for Bold Catering & Design

Cinema Greens loved making this custom fabrication project in our Atlanta, GA workshop.

Designer Brian Worley, formerly with Bold Catering & Design, developed the concept of a three leg arch or arbor that would look like giant arching limbs. This arch was custom fabricated for a wedding ceremony at the Ritz-Carlton Reynolds Plantation at Lake Oconee Ritz. Jeff Brown, one of the owners of Cinema Greens, worked with Brian on the design and build concepts to create this very unique and one of a kind arbor arch that could be assembled and built quickly and safely on the day of the event. One leg is even electrified to allow for the chandelier Brian wanted to have hanging in the center of the arbor.

Jeff, our fabrication lead Ethan Simmons, and shop manager Erin Dukes worked for days on the structure. The interior skeleton is structural steel bent into natural curves and covered with a flexible plastic sleeve. We then used our custom molded pine tree bark skins (for sale and rental) to clad the exterior and give it a realistic pine tree texture. Our painter, the legendary E.K. Huckaby, then took over and spent three days filling in all of the seams, hiding the screw heads, and hand painting the bark surface to match the realistic look of a Georgia pine tree. 

The Cinema Greens' Team assembled the arbor on a deck at the Ritz Carlton, once it was standing Bold's team of florists and decorators took it to the next level with hundreds of cut florals, greenery and stems. The wedding, appropriately, won a Diamond Award from Modern Luxury Weddings in 2018.

After the event the arbor became a rental-able structure in our Rental Collection. This arbor is part of our inventory at the East Point warehouse, ready to become your wedding or event decor. The arbor or wedding arch, while beautiful as it is, really comes to life with floral and decor - Cinema Greens will work directly with your florist to make your Scene come True. See the Arbor here.