Stranger Things

Filming across the state of Georgia the Duffer Brothers' Netflix knockout hit Stranger Things became a favorite client of ours! When you watch the show you'll catch plenty of our live plants throughout the scenes.

In Stranger Things Third Season "Starcourt Mall," became a focal location for the storyline. The Starcourt Mall scenes were filmed at the Gwinett Place Mall in Duluth, GA. We were happy to broker all of the live plant materials for the Mall set and even repurchased them when they were done filming. Our greenhouses were so overstocked with Monsteras and palms that we were able to offer hundreds of screen used plants last summer at on of our Pop Up Plant Markets. Customers went crazy for the load of Stranger Things' screen used live plants, or what we like to refer to as Celebritrees! 

If you need a large quantity of plants please contact us about our Plant Brokering services; you can learn more about them here, in the last section on the page.