Cannabition Museum



Cannibition Museum in Las Vegas, Nevada was one of the more interesting custom fabrication projects Cinema Greens has undertaken. J.J. Walker, the founder of Cannabition approached Bryan at the yearly Orlando convention IAAPA - The Global Association for the Attractions Industry, in November of 2017.

Featured Custom Fabrication - Huggable Buds

The project required some very out of the box thinking as the museum wanted Cinema Greens to design and create a 8' tall, huggable bud forest along with other custom crafted elements. Bryan hired Leo Rijn, a legendary Hollywood Sculpter, who worked on Edward Scissorhands and the current slate of Marvel Films. Leo created the initial Big Buds out of foam and then they were put into our East Point, GA mold shop to be coated in a silicone based molding product. Cast in a flexible, fire rated foam, the giant buds had a steel armature embedded inside and were mounted to 200 pound steel plates so they could be freestanding. 

From there the team used glow pigments and a clear silicone combined with preserved reindeer moss to coat the buds with a psychedelic and organic look. In order to create the trichomes, or hairs, we relied on artificial plant elements and even pipe cleaners that were hand painted to match real buds. Glass orbs were even embedded in a few of the buds to create the look of glistening resin drops (terpenes) seen under magnification. Each bud weighed over 300 pounds and had to be custom crated and shipped to Vegas in 2018. Part of that custom product line also included dozens of cast buds for the Giant Bag O' Buds and the Bud Pool.

To complete the look, we had oversized Marijuana leaves hand sewn on aluminum armatures then hand painted them to match each of the individual buds color tones. Our level of detail went even further as we create a custom blend of sands and salts that we glazed each leaf with to simulate the dusty resin seen on Marijuana leaves.  

Custom Fabrication - Seed to Stem Grow Room

Though the Big Buds were our favorite products to create, we were also contracted to create a seed to stem grow room showcasing what a real Cannabis plant looked like in an environment where real plants can't be showcased. Each plant is hand crafted by Art Director and owner, Bryan A. McBrien. The plants are crafted from real tree limbs, silk foliage, and a proprietary blend of moss to create the buds. Each bud is hand crafted and glazed with a special glue mix, each leaf was hand glued and applied to give a museum quality Marijuana plant.

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Custom Fabrication - Buds

We also created smaller buds as seen in the giant "Weed Baggie" and around the Museum. 

Cinema Greens is your go to company for Cannabis and Marijuana themed products. We have built Marijuana plants for Seth McFarland and TED 2, HOW HIGH 2, LODGE 49 and many more television and films. We are now selling our hand built plants, buds, and are developing bud lamps and other 420 themed products. Events can also book our 420 Themed package for parties and events.