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Keepsake Houseplants & Tabletop Plants

Keepsake Houseplants & Tabletop Plants

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These items are available as rental or yours to keep

Our interior houseplants are perfect as table displays or on the floor to hide elements!

We offer the option of renting our indoor plants for $12 or buying them as a keepsake for $35. Keepsake plants are yours to keep and offer a lovely gift to the new couple, event host or special attendees. 

Not all varieties are kept in stock; we recommend ordering ahead by at least one month for specific plant requests. Your consultant will provide guidance and go over current availability. 

Open to our selection? We'll select three houseplants of our choice to deliver with your rental at a discounted cost of $90. 

These plants do not come with pottery. Your consultant will assist you in making pottery selections for rent or purchase. 

  • Hanging Plants (Pothos or Ivy)
  • Money Trees
  • Elephant Ear (Alocasia Amazonica)
  • Monstera Swiss Cheese Vine
  • Croton Petra
  • Rubber Plant (Ficus Elastica)
  • Medicine Plant (Aloe Vera)
  • Sansevieria (multiple varieties)
  • ZZ Plant

Suggested Add-ons for Live Plants

Decorative Pottery  •  Moss Top Dress •  Pinlighting  •  Risers 

Rental Information & Help

POTTERY Live Plants come in their black grow pots; these are meant to be placed into decorative pots or hidden. You may add Decorative Pottery directly to your quote or, if none is selected, your Consultant will help you make your selections before providing your estimate. If you will be purchasing the plants we can help you select pottery for purchase, for rental or we'll provide the right sizes if you want to pick your own. 

RENTAL PERIOD  All rental prices are valid for UP TO A ONE WEEK RENTAL PERIOD. Longer rental periods are available. 

DELIVERY, SETUP, TEARDOWN & REMOVAL Prices do not include these charges. These charges will be added to your estimate based upon dates, location, access and timing. 

NEED HELP? Please refer to our FAQs which should answer most of your questions. If you need one-on-one assistance send us a question or book a consultation.