Over 50 combined years of film and greens experience, working for you

The roots of Cinema Greens began their growth in the late 1980’s when Hollywood budgets exploded with the popularity of action packed blockbuster films, starring Bruce Willis, Tom Cruise or other Hollywood Blockbuster Elite. In this era more films than ever before were being shot on sound-stages in Hollywood, California.  This immense growth of one of the great American industries fueled an expansion of the movie craftsman.

The role of Greens Coordinator was born during this era, a craft so varied from set to set and film to film that it’s nearly impossible to define. A Greens Coordinators days are filled with botanical research, budgeting, heavy equipment, managing multiple labor crews, working on locations both foreign and domestic, dealing with trillions of bugs, mud, snow, dangerous winds, high altitudes, explosives, stunts, props, trucking and on the list goes. They do all of this to create scenes that capture the vision of the director and producers; a vision that is often a moving target as filming, and the directors ideas of what each scene should look like progresses.

Jeff Brown, one of the founders of Cinema Greens, started working as a Greensman, studying under the tutelage of Hollywood’s best craftsman, directors, production designers and art directors. Learning age old crafts from generations of previous film makers. Jeff had the opportunity to work on the original Jurassic Park, the JJ Abrams Star Trek franchise reboot, and so many more legendary films. It was on Robert Zemeckis’ sci fi opus, Contact, that Jeff encountered a young Greensman, Bryan A. McBrien fresh out of college and brand new to Los Angeles.

See Jeff and Bryan’s bios for more of their experiences, they love telling stories from the Hollywood trenches, the days of big budgets and even bigger ideas and about the insanity that is film making.

Those initial roots blossomed into Cinema Greens where Greens Coordinator Jeff Brown, Art Director, Production Designer, and Greens Coordinator Bryan McBrien, and horticulturist Carlos Martinez make up the ownership team. We are very proud to bring their accumulated expertise and industry connections to the local Atlanta market. We offer rental and fabrication services for film and television, local event companies, event and wedding planners, and direct to consumer.


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