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Cinema Greens is passionate about Custom Fabrication, as former film makers we were born ready for the drastic changes in scheduling, fluctuating budgets and meeting the safety regulations that were paramount in set design for the safety of our crews and stunt performers. We are here to work with clients from the beginning stages of a concept to the moment you hear the word, “Cut.”

Oak Log w/ Moss and Removable Plug. 2018.

We offer trees built from real wood, foam, urethanes, and a myriad of other specialized products that allow clients the ability to pick and choose exactly what their projects call for. We are Craftspeople who weld, cut, sculpt, silk and build…whatever you need, wherever you need it. Cinema Greens cuts your costs by doing the R&D, fabrication and packaging in house at our East Point Facility. We ship direct to your job site where we meet the truck, off load, assemble and install,  based on your time frame, insuring an amazing finished project that comes in on budget, ready by your project deadline.

We love nothing more than creating and fabricating custom products including museum quality models, artistic renderings, and other unique products for the Attractions Industry. Our fabrication shop is within our East Point Facility where we have the space and versatility to create huge trees, multi-story projects, 8’ Hug-a-buds, and custom topiaries that can take almost any shape or form.

Custom fabrication options are individually priced. Begin the process by calling or sending us any blueprints, images, illustrations, or schematics illustrating the size, shape, species, and the parameters for your installation site, fire ratings, UV ratings, etc.

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