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Birch Tree Skin
Birch Tree Skin
Birch Tree Skin
Birch Tree Skin

Birch Tree Skin

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Cinema Greens is home to a team of expert fabricators who pour our Birch and Aspen tree skins in our Atlanta Moldshop.

Birch is poured in an inherent alabaster tone tint and Aspen in an inherent creamy tone tint, then hand painted striations are added to make our tree skins look real!

Each panel measures at 4' x 10' and is able to be connected to your project in a variety of ways; your consultant will go over your specifics with you. We incorporate a nylon mesh as well to aid in hanging the product for temporary uses and avoid tearing.

  • 4' x 10' Panel

Your Choice of the following materials - all with the option of Painted or Unpainted.

  • Flexible Foam NON IFR 
  • Semi-flexible Plastic NON IFR
  • Semi-flexible Plastic IFR
  • Urethane NON IFR/UV
  • Urethane IFR/UV
  • Latex NON IFR